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A photograph of a goatEpisode 1 – The Roads, the Smells and Baby Goat Yoga
April 13, 2018

Welcome to the official first episode of the Carroll Worldwide podcast! The wonderful smells of Carroll County, the fitness trend that is goat yoga, inconvenient road maintenance, and more are discussed on today’s show.

A photograph of a brown beat

Episode 2 – Bears, Turkey, & Dick’s, Oh My
April 20, 2018

Westminster Weekly discusses the bare roads and how this may be a good thing in the long run. Bears descend on Dennis’ neighborhood and all he’s worried about is his dog. A local business gets roasted and no one knows how to bear it. A local driver bares all about a run in with a renegade turkey. Dick’s bares Randy’s scrutiny when it announces it will destroy the guns it already said it wasn’t selling. None of this has any bearing on Steve. This, and more, on Westminster Weekly! (Bears)

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A photograph of an empty parking lot.Episode 3 – Worst Parking Lots
April 28, 2018

Join us for Episode 3 of Westminster Weekly where we discuss the multitude of Westminster Online Communities, struggle to come up with anything bad to say about the wine stroll, and figure out what discuss the second worst parking lot in town.

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Episode 4 – Pizza, Salad and Flying Tampons
May 4, 2018

A photograph of a pizza with salad on top on a plate with a fork.This week Dennis, Randy, and Steve talk Subway locations, pizza/salad combinations, and Wal-Mart premises liability. All of that and sanitary product crime, on this week’s Westminster Weekly.

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Episode 5 – Groundhog Day
May 11, 2018

A photograph of groundhog standing on a rock.Join Dennis, Steve, and Randy as they discuss birds, dogs, internet, and our latest local celebrity: The Groundhog.

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Episode 6 – Food Fight
May 18, 2018

A photograph of many small pretzels.Join Randy, Steve, and Dennis as we discuss thunderstorms, candy bars, and new theater ownership. It’s been six weeks our name as out of date as we welcome ThE-Burg to the fold.

Things get weird as we are obviously hungry and mostly talk about food. Randy can’t stop getting BJs. Steve needs help figuring out when and how to eat. Dennis is enraged by the lack of respect for Butterfingers. We all wonder why thunderstorms are just so puzzling and hope that our humble community can find peace.

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Episode 7 – Reasonable Parking Doubt
May 25, 2018

A photograph of a blue and black dumpster.Steve, Randy, and Dennis venture into the real world to discuss eating chicken wings in public and preferred wing types. The Good, the bad, and the ugly comes under fire because Dennis struggles to find the good in town this week. Kids are playing in dumpsters, Lifebridge won’t stop reminding Dennis his beloved Grammy is dead, and we get into


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Episode 8 – Maudlin Mall Musings
June 1, 2018

A photograph of a blue peacock with green and gray plumage.We can’t stop talking about animals on the loose. Which animal should we fear the most? The Town Mall lost its Foot Locker, and we are sad. We have a lackluster debate on sandwich platters as apparently none of us are elegant enough to cater anything.

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Episode 9 – We Have a Sponsor
June 7, 2018

A photograph of two white metal mailboxes and a gray mailbox.Mediterraneo’s sponsors us this week as we enjoy delicious homemade pizza and salad. It’s a quiet week in Carroll County as we go over bad smelling people, humorous typos, and the consequences of mail fraud.

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Episode 10 – Kids These Days
June 17, 2018

Several United States dollar bills.Dennis, Randy and Steve tackle a bank robbery, the Westminister Year Book Scandal, and whether or not a first grader should know the difference between a hookah and a cigarette. It’s all about kids these days…

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Episode 11 – Zero Tolerance for Hypocrisy
June 22, 2018

A black flying droneWe all start out fat and happy thanks to Habanero’s sponsorship! The War on Kids continues, drones are spying on people, and businesses are fighting for valuable signage. And Dennis doesn’t let Randy get away with one. Join Randy, Steve and Dennis for all that and more as Dennis won’t stop ****ing swearing.

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Episode 12 – Red Pill Starbucks
June 29, 2018

A photograph of a Starbucks coffee cup on a wooden table.This week Randy takes center stage having inserted himself into every story that transpired. Steve just on: who pooped in the pool?

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Episode 13 – The Fifth of July
July 6, 2018

A photograph of pink and purple fireworks at night.We’re all just a little tired from the Fourth of July, and Dennis experienced it first hand. Randy has figured out how all the animals connect together. Steve edits out his largest speaking portion of the show.

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Episode 14 – The Almost Lost Episode
July 12, 2018

The head and neck of a fossilized dinosaur skeleton.Dennis, Steve, and Randy travel from the past to the present to bring you the latest episode. But the file was feared to be lost forever and never to be heard. We believe Dennis’ thoughts and prayers were solely responsible for its recovery. Randy recalls the heady days when Carroll County almost became Carroll Jurassic. Dennis has everyone predict the future. Steve reveals that he has made Carroll Worldwide logos – for our audience to vote on.

Want to vote on the logos? Visit us on Facebook.

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Episode 15 – Better Than Christmas
July 20, 2018

Bags of chips on a store shelf.

Brought to you by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce! Carroll Worldwide is LIVE at Sheetz’s Grand Opening. Randy and Steve share a tender moment in a bathroom stall. Dennis is impressed by the fanfare.

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Episode 16 – Barbershop Triad
July 28, 2018

Ice CreamThis week Randy gets a haircut courtesy of Westminster Barber Shop. Randy takes credit for running Sheetz out of ice cream. Thoughts and prayers for Dennis as he has 30 inches of water in the basement. Steve exists in quiet contemplation.

Thanks to the Westminster Barbershop for sponsoring this episode!!!

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Episode 17 – Back to the Future
August 3, 2018

Coca ColaBrought to you by Workout Mamas! Steve gets deep into Coca Cola conspiracy theories. Randy has a suspicion – does Steve even live around here? Dennis weighs in on the socio-economics of local grocery store shopping.

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Carroll Worldwide Episode 18 – Mending Benches
August 10, 2018

Train tracksThis week The Food Chick powers our longest show ever. Dennis is stunned to learn that the Online Communities may now like kids. Randy tackles Westminster’s homelessness problem. Steve digs deep and reveals that he knows Sykesville geography.

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Carroll Worldwide Episode 19 – Under Siege
August 17, 2018

American flagBrought to you by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce. Randy digs deeper into Steve’s checkered past, Dennis asks the tough questions: is Randy basic? We discuss the latest Sheetz controversy and the rise and fall of an American hero in the span of one thread.

Oh, and fun fact about the Chamber: they aren’t funded by the government. The Chamber is an independent non-profit supported by 600 small businesses and organizations in Carroll County.

Carroll Worldwide Episode 20 – #hetoo
August 24, 2018



Due to an equipment malfunction, Carroll Worldwide records the same thing twice. Steve explains what happened and reveals why he doesn’t talk so much. Randy reviews the chaos of an administrator free community. Dennis takes a controversial stand on motorcycle safety. Thanks Bud’s at Silver Run for powering us through this episode!!!

Carroll Worldwide Episode 21 – #hetoo
August 31, 2018

chain-link fence

Dennis runs us through our longest episode to date. Randy reveals he may be more basic than we originally thought. Steve promises victory in our inaugural Online Community Fantasy draft. Thank you to the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring this episode.

Thanks again to the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce for sponsoring today’s episode. If you are a young professional in Carroll County and you haven’t checked out Launch Carroll you are missing out!

Carroll Worldwide Episode 22 – Need a Title
September 7, 2018

helicopterDennis and the gang finalized the rules to their Fantasy Community Group League. Steve provides expertise on helicopters. Randy takes us back to the foundation of community group splinter cells. Brought to you by the Carroll County Chamber of Commerce!

Carroll Worldwide Episode 23 – Product Use
September 14, 2018

hurricaneBrought to you by Rock Salt! Randy reviews the local drama in online communities. Steve explains his hair care process.Dennis revels in his Fantasy victory.


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