Those of us with with students in the Carroll County School System know how hard our teachers and administrators work. That’s why it’s so awesome when one of them gets recognized!

Promoting Diversity and Multiculturalism

Judith Jones serves as Carroll County Public School’s supervisor of equity and community outreach, and has since 2016. Previously she worked as an assistant principal at both Century and Westminster high schools.

Century High School Carroll County Public Schools

During her time in her current position, she has orchestrated and held the annual CCPS Culture Expo, which will be held for its third time this year. She has also been working on forming Equity Policy for CCPS and aims to make our school system as inclusive and accepting as possible.

Hard Work Pays Off

Too often in today’s world does hard work go unrecognized, but not in this case. Ms. Jones is being awarded the Jack Epstein Award for Contributions to Multicultural Education by the CCPS.

Carroll County Public School System

The award was established by the Maryland Multicultural Coalition/Chapter of the National Association for Multicultural Education, and is among the highest honors in the field.