While local municipality elections may lack the flair of national elections, that doesn’t mean they aren’t as important. In many ways participation in local elections has more effect on your life than voting in a presidential one does. Local officials such as mayors and city councilman make decisions that directly impact and affect your community.

Taneytown residents took to the ballot box on Monday May 6, 2019 where they had to cast their votes in a four-way mayoral race as well as for two city council member seats.

Defeat for the Incumbent

Incumbent Mayor James McCarron was defeated in a four-way race by Bradley Wantz, who will assume office on May 13. McCarron’s defeat is seen as an upset by many, as political incumbents tend to win reelection. The complete mayoral results were:

  • Bradley Wantz: 432 votes
  • James McCarron: 351 votes
  • Paul Chamberlain: 165 votes
  • Donald Frazier: 76 votes

Paul Chamberlain is a former city council member, serving from 2005 to 2009, while Donald Frazier currently sits on the council.


The total number of ballots cast added up to 1,036, which is 24% of all registered voters in Taneytown, up from 714 in 2015 abd 570 in 2013.

In addition to the election of a new mayor, Taneytown also voted in two new city council members, Daniel Haines and Darryl Hale.