Carroll Worldwide - A Friendly Guide

Carroll Worldwide is a weekly podcast about all the amazing things that happen in Carroll County.

Horsing Around

In this episode: Sherri details how the horse got of out the barn. Dennis discusses legal issues looking a gift horse in the mouth during a tractor repair. Randy reveals Dunkin Donuts’ Trojan Horse of credit card issues. Everyone beats a dead horse about “Baby It’s Cold Outside.

About Carroll Worldwide

Carroll Worldwide is Carroll County Maryland’s premiere weekly podcast hosted by Sherri Hosfeld Joseph, Randy Goldstein, and Dennis Twigg. Featuring updates on current events, reports on local community forums, and irreverent commentary with scorching hot takes (aka satire). Tune in if you want to a good-natured laugh about your community.

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Bleep-o-meter: 5

December 6, 2018