Astronomy, or the study of stars, is cool. It’s very cool. Whether you’re a kid wondering about the infinite, starry darkness above you or an adult trying their best to figure out whether or not the moon is waxing or waning, astronomy is fun for everyone.

This is not to be confused with “astrology” which is all about how the stars influence our destinies, personalities, and other events. You can ask an astronomer whether or not you’ll be compatible with another Aries all day, but they’re not going to know what you’re talking about. Astronomers are here to study and document the facts of the stars with telescopes and math.

The Westminster Astronomical Society, Inc. is here to share in that fun with you and they’re throwing a Planetarium Show and Star Party at the Bear Branch Nature Center to celebrate all the wonders of the night sky. It’s going to be fun and it only costs $5.

Discoveries in the Stars

Space is one of those concepts that you don’t think about until you do, but it certainly is interesting. The “Starpoints” section of Westminster Astronomical Society’s website is chock full of interesting articles about the moon, future space travel, and everything in between.

By the way, if you were wondering how many people are currently in space, you can check out this website so that you never have to wonder again. We double checked with NASA’s website to make sure it was accurate and it is. Nice.

The most recent article as of this post is called, “A Parade of Planets” and discusses the planets that you can see in the night sky through a telescope. This article gives you the rundown on what to expect from each planet and when you can see them.

So, What Goes On Up There?

Have you ever wondered what the astronauts do up in the stars? We sure do. Thankfully, NASA posts updates with highlights of what our astronauts are doing in the International Space Station.  In October 22nd’s weekly update, the growth cycle began for space-grown lettuce and kale. Wow. That’s actually pretty exciting. We’re growing vegetables in space!

We also know that the astronauts have access to the internet while on the space station. It’s nice to know that they may indeed be watching Top Chef too.

Back in August, NASA announced that they would be sending nine astronauts on a commercial flight into space in the near future. This will certainly mean more science, as the post states, but we can only wonder what it may mean for the future of space travel.

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The excitement level was 💯 today as we announced the nine astronauts that will fly on some of the first Commercial Crew flights to the International Space Station (@ISS). American companies Boeing (@Boeing) and SpaceX (@SpaceX) have been building brand new, high-tech spaceships to transport astronauts from American soil into space for the first time since the space shuttle retirement in 2011.
This new spaceflight capability will allow us to maintain a crew of seven astronauts on the space station. That means more science! This scientific research leads to breakthroughs and also aids in understanding and mitigating the challenges of long-duration spaceflight, which is important in our journey to send humans to the Moon and Mars.

Credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls

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