Here’s a quick question for you. Where is the National Civil War Monument?

Whether you guessed Gettysburg, Pittsburgh, or Sacramento, they’re all wrong. It was a trick question, there is no National Civil War Memorial, something one sculptor is aiming to change.

A National Monument in Carroll County

There are a number of Civil War monuments throughout the country, commemorating battles, soldiers, and generals. However there isn’t any single national monument.

Taneytown MD Civil War Monuments

Nationally recognized and renowned sculptor, Gary Casteel, has been the primary backer behind the National Civil War Memorial.

The Monument Itself

Current proposals include both Union and Confederate soldiers, generals, and figures. The monument will also feature prominent civilians who were witness to the war, and key deciding battles selected by historians.

Civil War Monuments in Maryland

Casteel has lived and worked in the Gettysburg, PA area for years now, and would like to build his next monument in Taneytown.

Taneytown’s Civil War History

Nearly everyone knows the battle of Gettysburg, and many may have even toured the battlefield. But you may not know that Taneytown has its own share of Civil War history.

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Posted by MainStreet Taneytown on Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Union General George G. Meade made his headquarters in Taneytown, as he prepared for the battle of Gettysburg. Many Union troops moved through Taneytown on their way to Gettysburg, some spending the night in the town.

Taneytown Chosen as the Site

Why Taneytown?

Why not! There’s a number of reasons Taneytown was chosen to be the site of the monument.

Taneytown has enough historical significance to warrant a memorial. It is close enough to Gettysburg to attract tourists, close enough to route 15 for easy access, and has enough space for a large monument.

Taneytown Civil War Monument

The plan hasn’t been approved yet, so Taneytown may not be the site of the monument. Casteel is currently waiting on approval from mayor of Taneytown mayor James McCarron.

Show Support for the Monument

If you want to support the construction of the National Civil War Monument in Taneytown, then you’re in luck.

As a way of funding the program, Casteel and his fellow backers, are selling “bricks” for the monument.

You can buy a brick, honoring your veteran ancestor, for $85, cementing their legacy in legend.

Do you want to help bring history to Taneytown?