So, you want to buy a house, or maybe you’re just dreaming of the possibilities of the future. Either way, Carroll County is a great place to buy a house whether you’re a family of 5 or just a lone wolf striking out on your own.

Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before buying a house in Carroll County.

The Prices Range Dramatically

Carroll County is a reasonably diverse place in terms of housing. Though the average price of a house across the county is about 325k, you can find homes far above and far below this number depending on the area. For example, this 2 million dollar mansion is available in Westminster, if you’re into that sort of business. The in-home theatre is pretty neat and, if nothing else, it is a gorgeous property.

If you’re looking for something a little more secluded, then you’ll find that too. Here’s a cool little house tucked away in the trees for those of you who need peace and quiet.

We really liked this house. It’s terribly charming and conveniently located close to downtown Westminster, MD.

The nice thing about Carroll County is that you can find something that might work for you whether you’re into country living or you enjoy the thrum of a downtown community.

Location Location Location

Carroll County is a big place and more than big, it’s pretty varied. There are cute little main streets in Sykesville, Westminster, and Mount Airy, whereas places like Union Bridge and Taneytown are a little more “country”.

For the most part, if you’re looking to buy a house with a true urban center, then you’re probably going to opt for a place like Baltimore, Rockville, or Frederick. However, if it’s space you’re looking for then you’ll definitely find it.

There’s something effortlessly picturesque about Carroll County. Even just driving down 97 on your way to work can be rather beautiful. Sometimes that sky really does feel like a limitless blue wonderland.

For the more expensive properties, check out Hampstead, Eldersburg, and

Looking for a Lot?

If you’re looking for some land, then this is actually a great place to find some. There are a ton of plots for sale that range from the odd acre to a plot large enough for your next farming enterprise.

Though it may not appeal to everyone, there’s something to be said about that. There are opportunities here to build your dream home if you are so inclined, and for some people, that is a meaningful thing.