Though some people believe that oysters should only be eaten in months containing the letter “r”, oyster lovers may be delighted to hear that oyster enjoyment never has to end. According to the New York Times, oysters can be slurped at any time of year, though the heat of the summer does bring with it a certain measure of concern.

Thankfully, October has an “r” in it, so the whole debate is moot for the 4th Annual Downtown Westminster Oyster Stroll! 

Wait, What Debate?

Conventional wisdom dictates that oysters should only be eaten in months that contain the letter “r”. So, we’re talking your Octobers, Septembers, and Decembers. January wouldn’t be included, but February seems ok. March is good, but May? No way!

Part of the reason for many old superstitions like this one is that back in the day, the way we handled food preparation and consumption was quite different than today. We didn’t have things like the FDA or the National Shellfish Sanitation Program, so people were right to be suspicious of the foods they ate.

After all, Upton Sinclair’s “The Jungle” didn’t come out until 1904 and if you’r not familiar, it’s a wild ride through the unsanitary practices of the meatpacking industry before we had laws about it.

However, things have changed. Food safety laws have improved tremendously and we are happy to announce that you can eat oysters during any month. We’ll put them on ice for you and man, they’re going to be good.

Enough About the Past; Let’s Talk Oysters!

Tickets to the Oyster Stroll are $5 and with that ticket, you’ll get buck-a-shuck oysters, a stroll passport, and one sweet water beer or bottle of water. Not bad for $5. Children 12 and under can stroll for free.

During the event, you can take a nice walk through downtown Westminster, slurping on oysters and taking in the sights. There will be plenty of live music throughout the day to keep your toes tapping. Along with the oysters, there will also be beer, wine, and spirits gardens and tons of cool artisans to buy wares from.

So, grab a ticket and come on down for the fun. We’ll be strolling and slurping on October 13th from 12pm to 5pm.

The event is hosted by the Coastal Conservation Association to help raise awareness about the important of oysters for our local ecosystem. They help clean the bay! (The oysters and the CCA.)