The Union Mills Homestead is one of the jewels of Carroll County. Through its rich history and beautiful landscapes, the Union Mills Homestead brings a lot to the area.

The Shriver Family at the Homestead

The Union Mills Homestead is one of the bastions of Maryland history. The Shriver Family called the homestead home for six generations after building it back in 1797.

Originally, the homestead was used to combine a grist mill and a saw mill. There was also a tannery, a cooper’s shop, a blacksmith, and a wheelwright. As time went on, the Shriver family gained a great measure of prominence and the homestead is now a museum of American culture. It is through the meticulous preservation of the family’s letters that we are able to see so clearly into the past.

The most famous Shriver was perhaps Sargent Shriver. Not only was he related to the Kennedys through his wife Eunice, but he was also a prominent political figure in the 1960’s. Speaking of Eunice Kennedy Shriver, she was passionate about children’s and disability issues. She was instrumental in nationalizing the Special Olympics and served as a key founder for the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development (NICHD).

The Shriver Family brought national attention and amazing philanthropy to Maryland and their legacy continues today.

Upcoming Events at Union Mills!

According to the Maryland Microbrewery Festival Website, the event has been cancelled due to the conditions of the Union Mills grounds. However, according to a post made on their Facebook page, the homebrew competition will still happen. You can contact Steve Kranz, the organizer of the event here if you have more questions.

Though the Maryland Microbrewery Festival has been cancelled, there are a few other cool events coming up. In late October, the 12th Annual Mason Dixon Willys Jeep Gathering will be held! You can bring your jeep and hang out with other jeep enthusiasts. There will be a contest for the best jeep in several categories, so bring your best and brightest! For more information about the 2017 Willys Jeep Gathering, click here. 

Then, in November, the Union Mills Christkindmarkt will be open for business. Swing by and see the beautiful decorations around the historic homestead while shopping for crafts and unique gifts from a variety of local vendors.

Though the Union Mills Homestead has had to cancel two events this year, there’s still some amazing stuff coming up! So, head on out there and check it out!