Creepy asylums, ghosts, witches, and all things scary are coming! Halloween proper may be a month away, but the entire month of October is ripe for the scary pickings!

Is anyone else getting into the Halloween spirit a little early? Maybe it’s just us, but we are so very excited for all of the haunted attractions that are opening up in the next few weeks.

Along with the Land of Fear that opens this Friday, Bedlam in the Boro is gearing up to open on October 5th. Get your tickets for the madness here! The word around town is that this attraction is less frightening than some of the others in the area, meaning that it will be well-suited for younger audiences and skittish adults alike.

Please check in with your kids before you take them to any kind of haunted attraction and make sure that they’re comfortable with being scared like this. Thankfully, Bedlam in the Boro has plenty going on for guests of all comfort levels!

Bedlam in the Boro!

Bedlam in the Boro is located to the north of Manchester, Maryland. The event is presented by the Lineboro Volunteer Fire Department and the proceeds from the event go towards supporting their valiant efforts.

There are 4 main attractions at the Bedlam in the Boro that you can check out for varying levels of fear.

The Haunted Hayride

Climb into a wagon and take on the night in their haunted hayride. There will be sights and sounds to terrify and delight as you rock and bump your way through the night. The wagon will be pulled by a tractor that has been screened and cleared by a Firefighter.

The hayride will be scary, so it’s up to you whether or not you can handle the adventure.

The House of Horror

After you’ve been through the field, you can take a turn through the haunted house. This year, Bedlam in the Boro has already given a few glimpses into the kinds of scenes you may come upon. A mad doctor and his terrifying experiments will be in attendance. Best not to catch his attention.

There will also be a circus-inspired clown-zone. Gotta love a classic. Is there anything more frightening than clowns these days?

The Bedlam Bypass Kids Zone

If haunted attractions aren’t really your thing, then there is a hayride for the kiddies. This event has been quite popular in the past, so they have added a second Sunday of the event. For $5 you can enjoy a hayride that will take you to a pumpkin patch. At the pumpkin patch, each child will be allowed to choose one pumpkin for free.

Scares and screams aren’t for everyone and that’s ok.

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Carnival Fun

Before you scream your way through the frightening adventures that await you in the Boro, you can hang out with your friends at the mini-carnival. There will be music and plenty of food including BBQ, pizza, hotdogs, burgers, and more!

There will also be a mechanical bull that you can ride on select nights.