Halloween is still a little ways away, but as the end of September rolls around, it’s time for haunted attractions and spooky fun. The Land of Fear in Taneytown will be opening their haunt this weekend.

The haunted adventure is owned and operated by Greg Durkin Jr. and it has been around for about a year. However, though it is a relatively new attraction, it is heralded as one of the most frightening experiences in Maryland, which is saying a lot considering that Maryland is home to a ton of great Halloween events.

Let’s take a look at Taneytown’s Land of Fear!

What Can You Expect at the Land of Fear?

The Land of Fear is a scary trail located on within the Paintball arena at Adventure Park. It is an outdoor trail that takes about 30-40 minutes to get through.

During your walk through the dark, scare actors will do their best to bring your nightmares to life and, if you’re wearing a glow stick, they’ll be going above and beyond. While wearing a glow stick, scare actors are allowed to grab you, touch you, and even contain you during your experience. Thankfully, if things get too intense for your little heart, you can take the glow stick off. You can pick a glow stick up when you buy your ticket onsite, but you don’t have to take one if you don’t want to.

If you’ve never been to a haunted trail or attraction, then this will most definitely be a lot for you to handle. Even seasoned horror fans might want to take a bathroom break before walking the trail. The glow stick experience is truly what sets this place apart and the average review for this place applauds the ingenuity of the idea.

Tickets for the attraction are $15 (cash only), which makes it one of the cheaper experiences in the area. Along with the trail itself, you can also enjoy some light snacks and the occasional food truck. Foodtruck updates and announcements will be made on their Facebook page.

How to Prepare For Your First Haunted Attraction

If you’ve never been to a spooky trail or haunted house like The Land of Fear, you’re probably feeling pretty nervous about checking it out for the first time. The most important thing to remember is that haunted attractions are a lot of fun, especially with Halloween on the way. Here are a few quick tips to help you enjoy the evening.

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  1. Dress to Impress — Fall weather in Maryland can get pretty chilly and the attraction itself is outdoors. Jackets, good walking shoes, and even a warm scarf will prove invaluable.
  2. Scare Actors are People Too — It might be hard to remember that the chainsaw-wielding clown running after you is actually a normal person, but they are. In “Haunters: The Art of the Scare”, some of the scare actors have told stories of being beat up and injured while in costume. Reacting out of fear is one thing, but remember, you’re not actually being pursued by Jason, so there’s no need to fight for your life. In this same vein, if you’re going to drink beforehand, make sure that you’re not out of control. Though the Land of Fear may feel like it, it’s not actually the pit of Hell.
  3. Expect to Hang Out — The Land of Fear is only one trail which means that you’re probably going to wait in a line before you can walk through the attraction, especially if you’re going closer to Halloween. Make a night of going to The Land of Fear and don’t worry, there will be plenty of scare actors walking around the grounds outside of the trail to give you a little spook. Besides, waiting in line can be its own fun. You’ll be surrounded by other thrill-seekers, steeping yourself in the atmosphere of the haunt.