Preserving local history is a noble and celebrated venture. Whether you were there to recall it, or you simply have a passion for the past, the Taneytown History Museum is your next stop. Along with the museum itself, you can attend one of their numerous events throughout the year.

Let’s see what they’re up to.

A Century of Toys in Taneytown

Their newest exhibit is called “A Century of Toys”. It features an assortment of toys from as far back as 1890 up until the year 1990. Within the collection, you may find tinker toys, hobby horses, slinkys, wooden toys, sleds, and a baseball from 1926. The toy collection was amassed from local lenders and donations; many of the items are family heirlooms.

In conjunction to the exhibit, they museum also hosted a “Family Toy Day” on July 14th. This event was meant to show local kids what kinds of toys were played with in the olden days. They got to play with jacks, enjoy balloons, meet animals, have their faces painted, and see various displays and dioramas. Each child was also given a book to take home.

Join the Team in Taneytown

The Taneytown Heritage and Museum Association, Inc. came about in 2014 when two local history-focused groups came together. The Taneytown Heritage Committee has been around since 1986 and the museum got its start in 2004. Together, these two groups are even stronger and deliver even cooler historic value to the area.

If you’re interested in joining the heritage committee for discussion and more, they meet 6 times a year at the Grace U.C.c. Church fellowship hall. Their next meeting is on September 24th. You can learn about more opportunities to meet with them on their events page.

The museum is open on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays at varying hours. If you’d like to visit at a time during the week, you can do so by appointment. There is also a gift shop within the museum where you can pick up some interesting items including themed sock monkeys and Amish brooms.

To join, you can go to a general meeting to fill out the form and pay the dues or send the form with a check to their location on 340 E. Baltimore Street. The dues are $10 per year, which is apparently the same as they were back when they started!

You can also keep up with their events and happenings in their newsletter. They have a nice little archive where you can see previous newsletter as well.