This summer has been one of the wettest on record and it’s not over yet. Hurricane Florence is on its way and though we may not experience the intensity that the Carolinas will, there may still be some heavy rain on the horizon.

Carroll County Has Seen Record-Breaking Rains

Throughout the summer, large quantities of rain has led to flooding, road damages, and the partial draining of Cascade Lake in Hampstead, MD. Though we probably won’t experience the wind and destruction of a true hurricane, rain has proven itself to be more destructive than it seems.

Flash flooding may occur during the next week or so as long as Hurricane Florence persists, so stay on top of the news to ensure that  you’re aware of potential issues. For now, meteorologists don’t know exactly where the storm will travel once it touches down on land, but you can safely expect a large amount of rain over the next week and into early next week regardless of where it goes.

Hurricane Florence Could Spell Disaster

For the people living in North and South Carolina, Hurricane Florence may lead to serious damages and potentially life-threatening disaster. The storm is slated to hit land on Friday, but it’s devastating effects may be felt on Thursday. According to the National Weather Service, North Carolina could be looking at 20-30 inches of rain, with 40 inches possible in isolated areas. The National Hurricane Center has also measured 83ft waves being created by the hurricane.

Events and Festivals are Rescheduling

Though Hurricane Florence doesn’t look like it’s coming this way, there will still be severe weather conditions here in Carroll County as it travels. The Maryland Wine Festival has already pushed their event to October 13th.

The the wake of a state of emergency, it’s understandable that safety is on the forefront of everyone’s minds. Even if we’re only going to experience a brush with the storm, the impact on our rivers and streams could be powerful. After all, we’ve already had our fair share of rain this summer and the water levels haven’t had much time to lower.

Safety is the Most Important Thing to Consider

As always, safety is the most important thing. As the rains come and the winds start churning, make sure you’re prepared for a storm. Here are a few ways that you can get ready.

  • Stock up on essentials like bottled water, toilet paper, and canned foods.
  • Secure outdoor furniture and other fixtures.
  • Avoid flooded roadways. Turn around, don’t drown!
  • Stay tuned to local news channels for updated information.