This year, there will be a new superintendent for Carroll County Public Schools. We welcome Stephen Lockard into the Carroll County Public School family and we know he’ll do a great job.

Who is Stephen Lockhard?

Stephen Lockhard has served the public school system in various roles over the years. This year will mark his 26th. He is a Carroll County native who grew up in Westminster where he graduated from high school. He then attended Frostburg University where he recieved his Bachelor of Science in Education/Early Childhood Education in 1992. He went on to complete his Master of Science in School Administration from what is now known as McDaniel College in 1998.

Stephen Lockhard started his career as a teacher in Frederick County and then proceeded to fill various roles within the school system including assistant principal, principal, associate superintendent, and Director of Elementary Schools and Title I from 2007 to 2009.

Some of the awards he has won over the years include the National Sallie Mae First Teacher Award, the Washington Post Distinguished Educational Leadership Award, and the Frederick County Sallie Mae First Year Teacher Award, to name a few.

He will now serve as the Superintendent for Carroll County Public Schools for four years. He has created a welcome message for the 2018-2019 school year, which you can see here. Together, it’s possible.

What Does a School Superintendent Do?

Though you may have heard the title over the years, you may not know what a superintendent actually does.

The superintendent works with the school board to bring their visions to life by making day-to-day decisions about spending, staff, facilities, and educational programs. The superintendent also hires, manages, and supervises principals and central staff for the county.

It is up to the superintendent to manage and utilize the resources of the schools within their jurisdiction for the benefit of students, teachers, parents, staff, as well as the larger community. Their job is to take in the larger picture of the entire school system and guide it to a bigger, brighter future.

By working with the school board, the superintendent also lobbies for the district that they serve with key political figures to secure funding and implement new programs.

However, the primary focus of a superintendent is to balance the budget. Running a school is a costly venture, but with clever financial plans, a great superintendent will keep everything running smoothly.

Once again, let’s welcome Stephen Lockhart as the new superintendent for Carroll County Public Schools! Welcome home!