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Carroll Worldwide is a weekly podcast about all the amazing things that happen in Carroll County.

Twice Baked

Due to an equipment malfunction, Carroll Worldwide records the same thing twice. Steve explains what happened and reveals why he doesn’t talk so much. Randy reviews the chaos of an administrator free community. Dennis takes a controversial stand on motorcycle safety. Thanks Bud’s at Silver Run for powering us through this episode!!!

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Fun Fact

This would be the third-longest episode of Carroll Worldwide, at 25 minutes and 56 seconds (and it would have the lowest length-to-bleep ratio). However, there are 7 minutes and 7 seconds of silence at the end of the podcast, so it is actually 18 minutes and 39 seconds long – making it the seventh-longest episode.

Also, visit Carroll Worldwide’s website for more show notes, including pictures of the wonderful food served by this episode’s sponsor, Bud’s at Silver Run.

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Date: August 24, 2018

Podcast description and audio from Carroll Worldwide.