It’s almost time for school to start up once more. The first day of classes for Carroll County students is September 4th. That means that there are only a few precious weeks left of freedom before it’s time to turn our attention from beaches to books.

The School Calendar for the 2018-2019 School Year

School begins on the 4th of September 2018 and will theoretically end around June of 2019. There are four “extra days” that can be used for emergencies of weather throughout the year. In the event that these days are used up, school may not let out until a little later in June.

For more information about the dates, procedures, and current proposed holidays, check out the complete list from Carroll County Public Schools, here.

You can also check out the first two months of the lunch menus here.

The Bus Routes for the Upcoming School Year

A lot of kids need to take the bus to get to and from school. In fact, according to the CCPS website, out of 25,000 students, about 24,000 of them will be rising the bus. If you need a complete schedule and guide to all things bus routes, check out this PDF.¬†Within the document you will find information for all schools throughout Carroll County. Use “control+F” on your keyboard to quickly find yours.

The routes will be continually updated on every Friday through the start of school, so check in periodically.

Back to School Tips For Success

Though not all kids love school, all kids can still benefit from going to school. The way that your child handles school is one of the most important parts of their early development, so here are a few things that you can do to support them through their journey.

Good Food is Good Fuel

Make sure your child is getting enough healthy foods to help fuel their little brains. Things like fruit and veggies are essential for a happy body. Plus, starting good habits early is a great way to help them later in life.

Bedtime is So Important

Summertime sleep schedules can get pretty wonky, but sleeping well is absolutely essential to learning and functioning. If they don’t learn this now, they will definitely learn this in their early 20’s. We’re telling you this from personal experience. A consistent bedtime is important.

Learning Can Be Fun for Everyone

Whether it’s homework, study time, or even just picking up a new skill, learning is an essential for children and adults. Make sure that their study-space is free from distractions while they work. You can also engage with them while they learn at home to help make the process less painful. Who knows, you might learn something yourself.

Get Involved Where You Can

Get to know the school that your child spends most of their time at. Try to go to events like fundraisers and parent teacher conferences whenever you can to get a handle on your child’s progress.