Eating flavored ice and snow has been around since the 5th Century BC, when the Greeks mixed honey and fruit into snow for a frozen treat. What we think of ice cream first popped up in England in 1718 in a book of recipes called, Mrs. Mary’s Ealses’s Receipts. 

By the late 1700’s, ice cream had taken the world by storm. L’art de Biren Faire les Glaces d’Office, written by M. Emy was entirely dedicated to the art of ice cream making. Agnes Marshall, known as the English “queen of ices” made the first recorded mention of an edible cone for ice cream. She was an innovator indeed. At this point, however, due to the fact that the common folk didn’t have refrigerators, ice cream was a very special treat, often reserved for holidays and the elite.

It wasn’t until the home refrigerator became affordable in the second half of the 20th century that ice cream became more like what we know today.

All this talking about ice cream is probably making you hungry for ice cream, right? No worries. Here’s a list of places you can find some bangin’ ice cream in Carroll County.

JJ Hoffman’s Creamery

If you’re rolling through Hampstead, check out JJ Hoffman’s. They’ve got everything you need to satisfy that craving for ice  cream. They also have milkshakes, ice cream sodas, ice cream floats, and banana splits.

They also have ice cream cookie sandwiches if you’re feeling particularly festive. Need ice cream pies and cakes? They’ve got you covered.

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The Cow

If frozen custard is more your speed, then head over to The Cow. It’s a local hot spot for sure, so expect the line to be pretty decent until the weather cools off. That being said, the line tends to keep rolling and the ice cream itself is worth the wait.

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Hoffman’s Ice Cream & Deli

Weirdly enough, there is another ice cream parlor with “Hoffman’s” in the name. The difference here is that they have a deli in conjunction with their ice cream. You can start your meal off with some delicious soup, a sandwich, a pretzel dog, or a burger and then end it with a cone of your favorite ice cream. Sounds like a pretty good deal to us.

Along with offering food at their deli, you can also grab some milk or other convenience store items. These guys have been around since 1947, so stop in for some old world charm and some yummy frozen goodness!

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Norwood Homemade Ice Cream

The next time you’re in downtown Sykesville, stop by Norwood Homemade Ice Cream. This place has some awesome flavors on their list along with an exclusive monthly flavor that you can access by joining their pint club.

They also have coconut milk ice cream for vegans and the lactose-intolerant crowd! Nice!


Though Baugher’s is more known for their awesome apple orchard, their ice cream is just another reason to check them out. You can grab a scoop of the ice cream at their restaurant. It’s made on site, so you know it’s got that farm fresh taste.

After you’ve satisfied your sweet tooth, you can head out to the orchard or to their markets to grab a few fruits or veggies for the road.

Myer’s Crab Shack

Though crabs and ice cream might not seem like a traditional mix, there’s no better way to enjoy the end of the summer. The Facebook community has sung their praised openly with rave reviews from pretty much everyone. The only 1 star review is from someone who said, “We haven’t been there yet! But we will make it soon”

Along with ice cream, you can grab a milkshake as well. Good stuff.