Visiting a winery is a great way to reconnect with old friends, relax with family, and renew your zest for life. Though Maryland may not be known for its wine yet, there are a ton of great wineries in Caroll County that you can check out. Here are four of them.

Old Westminster Winery 

When you walk into the Old Westminster winery, you are greeted by rustic decor and friendly staff. Their wine has variety and is all grown right here in Maryland. They offer live music throughout the year, food trucks visit on Friday, and their overall experience is very pleasant.

However, what sets them apart is their canned wine which is very bold. Hats off to them for sheer gumption. We’re kind of into canned wine as a concept and the reviews are stellar.

Galloping Goose Vineyards

Next on our list is Galloping Goose, which has one of the best names we’ve ever heard. This is a winery for people looking for a quiet, secluded backdrop for their afternoon of wine tasting bliss. Galloping Goose has a very good vibe and a delightful selection of wines. If you’re looking for something a little old world and off the beaten path, then this is it.

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Serpent Ridge Vineyard

If you love snakes and good wine, then Serpent’s Ridge is for you. They have an interesting selection of wines on the drier side, which is much appreciated. Along with their wines, they have chocolates, cheese, and crackers that you can buy with your wine. It’s a nice touch.

They also have a vineyard cat named Zork. He’s a nice addition to the overall enjoyment.

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Black Ankle Vineyard 

Black Ankle is open from Thursday to Sunday, with hours that you can see here. Along with tastings, they also have tours on Saturdays and Sundays. You can purchase their wine by the bottle or online. One of the most interesting offerings that they have is their library wines. These are their long-aged wines and they have detailed information on each wine’s ongoing flavor transformation over the years.

In addition to the grapes, there are also chickens and pigs in their vineyard. We love that.

Why Visit a Vineyard in Carroll County?

At the end of the day, most vineyards offer the same kind of experience. You can enjoy a lovely view, sip on some wine, and relax in style. Each vineyard on our list offers something special, so take a trip to each one and discover the wonder of Maryland wine.