There is something special about climbing onto the back of a horse and going for a ride. If you’ve never had the pleasure, then you’re in luck. Happy on Hooves is a small horseback riding ranch in Hampstead, Maryland.

Get to Know Happy on Hooves

Happy on Hooves was started in 2010 and since then, they’ve been providing the community with opportunities to discover the wonders of trail riding. When they began, they only had 3 horses on staff and now they have quite a few more! Along with horses, there are also peacocks, emus, and a pig named Garth! You can hang out and meet these wonderful animals between trail rides. According to their website, all of the animals are friendly and will enjoy some gentle company.

Emus enjoying a cool shower on this hot September day at the farm! ☀️

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The ranch where you will ride is 30 acres of pastoral scenes, woods, and 10 miles of trails. On a ride, you’ll see tons of gorgeous natural ambiance as well as wildlife.

Beginners Are Welcome!

Though horses used to be all in the rage before we had cars, not everyone has had the pleasure of riding one in 2018. That’s totally fine. Happy on Hooves will teach you everything you need to know before hopping onto your new four-legged friend.

Along with some basic instruction on how to ride, they will also provide the equipment you need to ride safely. Though riding a horse isn’t especially difficult, there are some nuances involved. Here are a few quick tips for 1st timers.

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  1. Safety First!: For the safety of yourself and the horse, make sure that you follow all rules and guidelines established by your guide. They’ve been doing this a lot longer than you have, so they know best.
  2. Dress to Ride: Though high-heels and flip-flops might be ok for a walk around town, they have no place in a stable! Closed-toed shoes are required to join in on the fun at Happy on Hooves. You should also wear long pants for a trail ride.
  3. Listen to Your Horse: Riding a horse is not like driving a car. Though you can signal the horse to go where you want and at different speeds, you’re still dealing with a living being. Be sensitive to your horse and treat them with respect.
  4. Have Fun!: If you’re nervous about riding a horse for the first time, don’t worry. You’re not alone. A lot of first-time riders get nervous. Take a deep breath and trust your horse. They know what they’re doing. You can also take a look at the horses at the ranch here to get a sense of what you may expect.

Ready to Ride?

Happy on Hooves offers rides on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday of each week. You can take a look at their availability here.