Sunflowers symbolize loyalty, longevity, and adoration. They’re beautiful additions to any dining room table, living room, or bedside table. If you’re looking to scoop up some sunflowers of your own or you simply want to see the, The Sunflower Garden in Westminster is your destination; it’s your own little slice of “Bee Heaven.”

Sunny day!

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Get to Know the Sunflower Garden

The Sunflower Garden has been around for about 20 years. They started as a garden selling sunflowers for $8 a bunch. Though their prices have increased slightly, so have their floral offerings. They now have ten varieties of flowers for you to see and pick as well as vegetables at about 75 cents a piece.

Over the years, they have also gained the attention of local photographers and others as a destination for wedding, engagement, senior, maternity, and other special occasion photos. Online reviews have praised the farm for their kind accommodations for photos as well as their eclectic collection of props that are available for use.

Please note that they do not have a bathroom on site, so keep that in mind!

Discover local Sunflowers Here in Carroll County

According to the professionals at The Sunflower Garden, late August is the ideal time for sunflowers. That means that in a few weeks, there will be a gorgeous blanket of yellow at the garden.

Keep an eye on their Facebook page for ongoing updates on their sunflowers. Though they are usually open from 11-4 on the weekdays and from 10-4 on the weekend, they advise checking Facebook before making the drive.

What Can You Do With Sunflowers?

So, you’ve trekked through the garden and gathered a beautiful bouquet of sunflowers for yourself. Once you get home, there are a lot of uses for your new flowers. Let’s take a look at a few of them now.

Eat the Seeds!

The seeds of sunflowers are quite enjoyable to eat. You can munch on them raw, roasted, dried, or cooked. They offer a nice blend of A, B, & E vitamins as well as calcium, iron, and nitrogen. Yum! You can also grind up the seeds to make a flour that you can use for cakes and bread.

Feed the Wildlife 

Wildlife enjoy sunflower seeds as well, so feel free to scatter some in your yard for birds. Livestock also enjoy the seeds and can eat the petals as well.

Sunflower Oil 

Sunflower oil is a great product that you can fashion from the plants, though you will definitely need a lot of them. You can use this oil for cooking, soap-making, and candles. It can also be used as a natural remedy for various skin conditions, ulcers, and hemorrhoids.