Storms in Carroll County

A barrage of rain and thunderstorms has inundated the East Coast with water over the last week, and the storms seem to be showing little sign of slowing down.

Among many other areas, including many in Pennsylvania, North and South Carolina, and most of Virgina, Carroll County was hit with flood watches and a flood warning over the past several days due to the downpouring of precipitation caused by the storms.


Flood warning information from Google Public Alerts.

Flash Flooding

Last night, a particularly bad bout of rain arrived, which caused the streets in some parts of the county to flood. Thunderstorms moving through Carroll County quickly dropped a large amount of rain, and places with lower elevations or inadequate drainage systems were left completely soaked.

The flooding affected many towns, including Manchester, Westminster, and Hampstead, among others.

The weather forecast predicts the rain to continue for at least the next week, which could cause more issues with road maintenance, as the ground is already saturated with water at many points.

Carroll County, Maryland weather

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Alerts and Road Closures

The National Weather Service has already issued multiple alerts in the areas that were likely to see the most precipitation.

Weather alerts

Flash flood warnings have been issued for most of the county.

Carroll County flood warning Carroll County flood warning

Flood warning information from Google Public Alerts.

Road closures have also been announced for multiple roads throughout Carroll County, including a part of Md. 27.

Water collected in the areas with the lowest elevation, which affected travel on roads through the county, especially worse roads with less maintenance.

This is a drainage area in Manchester, as of 8:04 AM this morning. It is usually dried up.

Stay Safe

Remember to be careful during extreme weather conditions, and do all you can to stay safe. Here are some tips for being safe during flood condition, thanks to FEMA.

  • Don’t drive or walk in or near floodwaters
  • Stay away from bridges
  • Have plenty of emergency supplies on hand, including water, food, and batteries
  • Create an evacuation plan to escape flooding if needed
  • Pay attention to emergency alerts and government advice

Have a look at for more information about protecting yourself in a flash flood. Stay safe Carroll County!