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Carroll Worldwide is a weekly podcast about all the amazing things that happen in Carroll County.

The Almost Lost Episode

Dennis, Steve, and Randy travel from the past to the present to bring you the latest episode. But the file was feared to be lost forever and never to be heard. We believe Dennis’ thoughts and prayers were solely responsible for its recovery. Randy recalls the heady days when Carroll County almost became Carroll Jurassic. Dennis has everyone predict the future. Steve reveals that he has made Carroll Worldwide logos – for our audience to vote on.

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Vocabulary-Building Words Used

  • Entitled – Demanding or asserting that one deserves something that others do not.
  • Prototype – An early version of a product created to test a concept, which may later be revised, improved upon, or adjusted to fit a given set of specifications.
  • Popular Vote – The number of votes directly received by a person or organization.
  • Veto power – The ability of a government body or official to block an action made by another, especially the passing of legislation.
  • Electoral college – An organization in the United States that selects the President and Vice President based on citizens’ votes and the way population is distributed throughout the states.
  • Direct democracy – A government system where the citizens vote directly on issues, as opposed to a representative democracy, in which citizens elect leaders to make decisions.
  • Bicameralism – A legislative system that is divided into two houses or chambers, each with its own rules, responsibilities, and organization. The United States Congress is bicameral; it is divided into the House of Representatives and the Senate.
  • Statistical spread – The way a set of numbers or statistical properties are distributed. This could refer to the demographic properties of a population, the distribution of votes for Carroll Worldwide logos, or many other things.






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Date: July 12, 2018

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