There are a few famous locations in Carroll County that have been heard to still have some eerie spirits up and about.

CryBaby Bridge

Crybaby Bridge is known to have a spooky array even during the daylight. The bridge located at Adams Mill Road and Roop’s Mill Road on top of little pipe creek. Many people have had some strange encounters.

Legend has it that many women have gone to the bridge in history to rid themselves of babies born out of wedlock. Two separate stories have been told that connect the baby stories.

The oldest being that a slave owner got a slave pregnant and dumped the baby over the bridge. Community members attest to the story as they hear cries sounding like a baby.

The second eerie rumor is a young girl became pregnant and was so afraid to tell her parents she threw the baby over the bridge. Community members crossing the bridge at night have allegedly heard crying similar to babies of these stories.

Cockeys Tavern

Said to be the most haunted location in Carroll County, Cockey’s Tavern houses a soldier allegedly from the 1830’s. He is heard marching up and down the stairs as well as slamming doors.

Since it became known as Shop at Cockey’s. The owners have seen pictures and paintings oddly moved throughout the building. The book, Ghosts, and Legends of Carroll County resites many experiences at the Tavern.

The most notable story is a waiter at the tavern saw a photograph had mysteriously fallen and she researched into the women in the picture. She fearfully found out the day the picture had fallen was the exact day the women had died many years before in that house.

St. John Catholic Church Cemetary

The famous ghost tour of Westminster features this eerie location. A story was shared by the tour guide that made the start of the tour very spooky.

The story goes, in the late 1700’s a boy started to plan out his entire funeral because he feared being buried alive. This fear was due to the event of his actual brother being buried alive.

Back then the fear was very common, there was even a group in Baltimore for prevention of premature burial.

Opera House

Another common stop on the Westminster ghost tour is the abandoned Opera House on Main Street. Marshall Buell, a visiting comedian from Alabama was murder from members that disapproved of his show.

The men were so angry with Buell because he would joke of the President at the time Ulysses S. Grant. Keep in mind the community at this time was very divided in Maryland and Carroll County due to the Civil War. 

That night after the members threw rocks at the performer on stage the sheriff told Buell to stay in for the night. Buell thought nothing of it as he had a performance in Hagerstown the next day. A few hours passed and his body was found deceased next to the Opera House, someone had cut his neck.

Local Carroll County members have seen an eerie figure tiptoeing around walls of the Opera House many believe it is Buell due to the tragedy of his death.

Opera House. Main St. Westminster MD… supposedly Haunted.

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Springfield State Hospital

Of course, this place has rumors of being haunted, the past alone is enough to scare someone. Springfield State Hosptial was owned by Maryland in 1894 and soon became a psychiatric hospital for the Baltimore area.

As many state facilities do, the hospital got crowded and by 1940 3,000 patients called it home. It did not fit all the patients and could not give the necessities the patients needed. The horrible conditions resulted in the overall downsizing.

Members of Carroll County are not allowed on the property but many have heard and allegedly seen the tortured patients roaming that land.

Ghost Stalkers, tonight at 11:00 pm on Destination America:Springfield State Hospital Center, Sykesville, MD.

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Ghost Stalkers

The second episode of a series called Ghost Stalkers took a look into Springfield State Hospital in Carroll County. The two men who star in the show have both had close to death experiences and travel the country in search of ghosts.

The two men hear stories from a local that stated that many patients were even housed in cells of the basement where the steams rooms were located. The rooms on the episode were so small a 5-foot person couldn’t even stand in them. They were also surrounded with metal bars. 

Some evidence the show seems to show is black fog moving in front of their set up lasers. They also record sounds similar to moaning and screaming from inside the buildings of the hospital. No graves were ever made for the patients, they were only known by numbers.

The Shriner House

Built in 1804, The Shriner Family wanted to live on the outskirts of Carroll County. The spirits of the family are known to still lurk the property.

The story is told that one of the sons began dating a woman who had previously been involved with his brother. The brother was so furious he took matters into his own hands.

The brother took his gun and sat at the top of the staircase while he shot and killed his brother, the one dating the young women. The blood stains were still there years later.

The current owners of the estate have many occurrences with what they believe to be the son that got murdered by his brother. Many maids and family members have visited and seem to describe seeing the same man in the location the boy shot his brother.

The family pets have avoided the location where the brother got murdered for years. The current owners have also set up electronic devices to try to hear something and they always seemed to be tampered with.

The Haunted Mill

Known to the locals and featured in Carroll County Times this creepy location is home to a ghost that has an endless energy to play chase.

The owner of the mill said every year he would see his deceased neighbor riding a dead horse and trying to chase a dead fox. Which is actually how the rider had died pursuing the fox and drowning in the dam.

Six years of seeing the same occurrence the mill owner realized it was only when there was a full moon that the dead neighbor would appear.

There are still some very notable places to catch some ghosts throughout Carroll County. Check out some ghost tours in the area to hear first hand!