A Podcast About Carroll County?

They are the Trollers and Truthers of Carroll County life. Part Facebook community group lurkers, part town criers, and part social saviors, the three amigos known now as the podcast Carroll Worldwide serves up every day life and commentary of anything that’s not in mainstream news but critical to their own amusement. The result is wildly entertaining and sarcastic updates on Carroll County folks, what they’re doing that’s notable online, what they’re saying, and beautiful introspection of it all, compliments of a weekly podcast. Randy Goldstein, Dennis Twigg, and Steve Lowe are the trinity of trollers that are Carroll Worldwide, the local Carroll Countyish podcast growing in popularity, fans, and attention.

Carroll Weekly Podcasters Steve Lowe, Randy Goldstein, and Dennis Twigg

 What’s the Buzz all About?

Carroll folks who have listened to Carroll Weekly can’t help but share with others how darn funny the guys on the podcast are, and return eagerly for their weekly dose of the show. The podcast is basically three guys sitting around espousing the injustices, ironies, and amusements of recent happenings in Westminster, Eldersburg, and Carroll County. They cover everything from kids in dumpsters to yearbook scandals to pool floaties, all with a “nothing is sacred” attitude. They are Carroll County’s version of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee, each of the three guys sharing, prodding, and cajoling the others, in short binge-worthy podcast episodes. Randy, Dennis, and Steve are all funny in their own right, but their quips explode in out-loud laughter in their Wonder-Twin-Powers-Activated-Like combined act of enlightened levity. The buzz about the podcast is not only what they talk about, but their cunning observations. This all combines for a great time of laughing at them, yourself, and online community Facebook posters, realizing the joke is on all of the inextricably metaphysically linked Carrolliterians.

Here’s a sample of what these podcasters cover:

  • Worst parking in Westminster
  • Why there are three Facebook Westminster Online communities
  • Kids in dumpsters
  • Steve’s dog’s name
  • DUI sign holders
  • Mayor Joe driving heavy equipment (safely)
  • Cinqo de Quattro

Randy Goldstein has shared the growing popularity of the podcast:
Response from the community has been a slow rise, but steady, gaining recognition and listeners each week.”

Dennis Twigg adds:
I have had people tell me that they love the show. I get pitches and ideas for it. I have no idea where this will eventually lead, but as long as we get community support and are having fun, I’ll keep podcasting.”

An Accident Waiting to Happen

Seemingly groomed from birth, the three Carroll Weekly podcasters were destined to collide in this production. Each has a strong sense of community, each revels in enjoying a zoo-like observation of the behavior of folks online and around them, and each plays off of each other well. They all have comedic talent, and have shared this in venues previously. This goes back several years, in multiple venues; here is Randy Goldstein (stage name Randy David) in his stand up comedy act about Carroll County folks and more in a local Eldersburg performance back in 2012 at the Cobblestone Restaurant (now Oscar’s Alehouse):

Dennis and Steve have also been involved in sharing the Carroll County story, most recently with their involvement of the online video series Made in Carroll, which profiles local people and businesses. Through this process, they realized they wanted to do something more consistent and timely. It cannot be undertated that without Made in Carroll, there probably would not have been the podcast Carroll Weekly.

Dennis Twigg shared how it all went down:

“I wanted to do something topical that didn’t have as much preparation time as our Made In Carroll podcast with Jason and Steve. We worked hard on Made In Carroll, but after garnering support and interest long layoffs between seasons diminished that excitement. I always found the online communities amusing microcosms for our actually community and thought it might be fodder for a show. Then Jason introduced me to Randy. After we did a demo, it just clicked and we’ve been working about it ever since.”

The subsequent collaboration of all three in the Carroll Weekly podcast seems inevitable now, with the group’s comedic nature, experiences living in Carroll, and their willingness to share their insights in the form of a show all combining for great banter.

Who Are the Poddy Mouths?

We call them the Poddy Mouths because of the way their podcast has taken podcast to a new level of entertainment and amusement. And they say bad words.

Poddy Randy

Randy Goldstein has enjoyed the fruits of living in Carroll County for many years, first as a resident in Eldersburg, and then Westminster. He owns and operates a successful local web design business, Bizmarquee.com. As seen in the video above, he has a love for comedy and performing, and has top trolling talent.  As told in several episodes, Randy has a knack for being at the epicenter of all that matters in Carroll County at strategically random moments.


Poddy Dennis

Dennis Twigg combines his love for Carroll County with his legal experience and playful use of words to deliver great quips and insights on the podcast. Dennis is a real lawyer, not only playing one in the podcast. His legal background is sometimes sought for counsel to clarify matters of indignations. With Jason Stambaugh and Steve Lowe, Dennis was a regular member of the Made in Carroll online show. He also dabbles in creative writing and game design.


Poddy Steve

Steve Lowe has been in and around Carroll County everywhere you look, involved in so many parts of Carroll County that they’re a challenge to name them all; we’ll try: Eldersburg, Westminster, Carroll County Chamber of Commerce, SURCH, 127Creative, the Journey Church Community, the Ugly Mug, and more. Steve knows the Carroll community because he’s been such a big part of it. He was also involved with the online Carroll County production Made in Carroll.  Currently, he creates beautiful pictures, videos and impactful marketing creations in his company 127Creative.

Bleep This and Bleep That!

Part of the lure of this podcast is the let-it-go and see what happens approach. Sometimes, these kids say bad words, but that’s ok, because through cutting-edge editing in the form of bleeps, other kids are spared the indignities of course language. These bleeped segments have become funny bits in their own right. The description of their June, 22, 2018 episode sums it up: “Dennis won’t stop ****ing swearing”. Bleeps reached an all-time high of nine bleeps in Episode 11; Dennis being the “Bleeping MVP”. The bleeps have been inconsistent but notable enough that there is now a Bleep-O-Meter on the Carroll Weekly episode guide; on each episode guide, you’ll see how many bleeps you’ll endure/enjoy in that episode. It’s a [bleep] good time.

Is Dennis explaining how big the fearsome Eldersburg groundhog really was before its fateful shooting?




Trolling, Trolling, Trolling

If you’re involved in one of the local Facebook groups, most notably Westminster Online Community or Eldersburg Online Community, you’re fair game. If you think you’re safe, you’re not. Anything you post can and will be held against you in a court of public amusement; names are usually withheld, except for Mayor Joe who has time to lift weights, but not to investigate smells. The Carroll Weekly podcasters often look to the local online Facebook groups for recent posts to share, comment, and mock about. Sometimes the guys admittedly use connections to tap into groups that are seemingly private.

Word Up

Despite their street-smart ways, these three podcasters play the vernacular like silly putty – twisting and stretching the English language like their plaything. They consistently use grownup words, and have a knack for calling each other out for uses and misuses of such. The vocabulary used is an unintended bonus itself, which has been highlighted in our Carroll Weekly episode guide; you can see uncommon words listed for each episode.

What’s Your Name?

Ok, so this creative tour de podforce known as Carroll Weekly wasn’t always that. It started as Westminster Weekly, covering the Facebook Westminster Online Community. But then they couldn’t resist commenting on the Eldersburg Groundhog shootout, as well as other situations both online and off that were beyond their sarcastic jurisdiction. They then expanded their domain to include all of Carroll County, but in doing so couldn’t easily settle on a name. It was a fluid quandary, playing through Carroll Worldwide, Carroll Universal, and others before settling on Carroll Weekly. The name- of-the-week challenge even turned into an ongoing bit through several episodes.

Local Podcasts Gain Steam

Podcast popularity has ebbed and flowed over the years, but has been increasingly popular recently with an endless array of niched pocasters creating podcasts about everything under the sun, from cultural review to finance to local podcasts. Nearby Frederick, Maryland has several podcasts about Frederick. There are so many podcasts that even the number of podcast directories are growing, such as PublicRadioFan.com/podcasts.html
The explosion of podcasts has come about as a result in the number of electronic devices and access to podcasts, the growing number of quality niche podcasts, and the ease of creating and syndicating a podcast. This guide to creating a podcast shows what’s involved.

Podcasts are available on a number of platforms and devices; the Carroll Weekly podcast has “Audio for each episode can be found on iTunes, Google Play, Stitcher.”

Listen to the Carroll Weekly Podcast Now!


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