Looking for hot steamed crabs in Carroll County, Maryland? We’re got you covered, with our in-depth, crab-lover inside look at carryout crabs, as well as on site crab feast dining experiences broken down by taste and nuances.


Captain Dan’s

Yes, there really is a Dan, but no, he’s not a captain, unless you count being Captain of delivering delicious crabs as being a real Captain. If we had to pick a source for consistently best crabs in Carroll County, Captain Dan’s would be one of our top choices. We’ve eaten onsite and carryout dozens of times at Dan’s, and can tell you that the words on their website are true, not just lipsmack:

Welcome, to Captain Dan’s, where we are absolutely obsessed with selling the best crabs you have ever tasted! Captain Dan’s prepares a variety of seafood served dine-in or carry out but, our claim to fame is steamed crabs. We buy our crabs and crabmeat daily from Chesapeake Bay waterman. Every crab is steamed to order with Captain Dan’s very own custom blend of seasoning. Crabs are never re-heated & you can taste the difference.”

Carryout is quick, efficient, friendly, and keeps the locals coming back time after time. Be sure to check out their online specials, which can create an addiction to crabs that before was simmering but now has risen to a way of life.

Enjoy one family’s first adventure of crab eating, at Captain Dan’s

Captain Dan’s was made for crab feasts. Their tabling, crab accoutrementation (new word), hand rinse sink, and pitchers of beer are perfect for both family, friend, and company crab feasts. The service is responsive but not table-flipping pushy, so you can relax with your crab-feasting folks, but not feel you have to feast faster. Crabs in Eldersburg don’t get any better.  Don’t believe us?  Captain Dan’s is the only Carroll County crab house listed on Baltimore Magazine’s “The Essential Crab House Guide” circa 2016.


Well, here’s the inside scoop from someone that has eaten from Salerno’s dozens of times – in restaurant, carryout, and at catered events. They are great for most events and meals, but not always bringing their “A” game to every meal and carryout order.

If you’re eating crabs at their Eldersburg restaurant, the crabs are really good at decent prices. There are times when they run AUCE specials where the initial order can take annoyingly too long; this is compounded by the time limit they impose. The crabs, though, are full, fresh, well-spiced, and delicious, well worth it every time. If you’re looking to play the max out crab eating for AUCE game, you’ll lose, as their delivery time may not play nice with your game-day strategy.

For carryout crabs, they are generally pretty good, but have experienced a few times when their carryout crabs during their specials are not as fresh or full as their crabs during full price or dining ordering. Their crab catering has always been top quality and well worth it every time; they have done thousands of catering orders and events and have consistently delivered on that front.


Steamin’ Mad CRABS!
Slow down as you approach Steamin’ Mad CRABS!, as it’s really easy to pass by, only to turn around again to see that they are easy to miss. In business since 2011, Steamin’ Mad is a family owned business that not only has great crabs, but also a legendary reputation for all types of fresh seafood, Smith Island cake, organic milk, and much more. If you’re a local, be sure to stop by to discover what you needed that you didn’t know you needed; you’ll be glad you did.

The crabs are consistently good, and have very few mushies. Be sure to call during peak season or holidays for availability. Be aware that they are carryout only. Also, take a look at their full menu before you order by phone; you’ll always find something else that you want once you get their like maybe their fresh slaw or shrimp. Thinking crabs in Hampstead? Think Steamin’ Mad CRABS!


Captain Bob’s
Probably one of the best, consistently best sources of crabs in Manchester, Maryland, if not Maryland. Captain Bob’s crabs are always full, well seasoned, and steamed to perfection. Their only two minor shortcomings is that they’re not open year-round, and they only do carryout, both of which matter none to the locals.

Be sure to follow them on Facebook, as they sometimes run specials on overbuys, and will keep you up to date on local crab and Chesapeake conditions and supplies.

If you live in the area, be sure to try them out; they may become part of your weekly dinner plan. They also are well-known for their great-tasting chicken.

Hidden in plain sight is a local favorite restaurant, as well as Manchester’s go-to crab source. Spargo’s – on Main Street in Manchester serves up great crabs at consistent market prices. You can get crabs to go by the dozen or bushel, or bring a large group to their back room for a big old crab feast.


Blue Point
With their other location in Owings Mills, Maryland Blue Point Crab House has been serving the area with prime carryout crabs for years, and never disappoints. Be sure to check out their Facebook page for specials. Blue Point gets their orders right, on time, and their crabs are just plain delicious, at the top of the list for crabs in Westminster, Maryland and surrounding area.

Maryland Mallet

Another “in plain sight” treasure of Carroll County, the Maryland Mallet serves up great crabs,
seafood, and full local Chesapeake dining experience. If you come during one of their peak waiting times, you’ll be annoyed at the wait, but find that it was well worth it. We found a few folks during prime-time Saturday night not willing to wait for 45+ minutes.

Here’s an online YouTube review of the Maryland Mallet:

Once you do sit down, you’ll receive fast and friendly service, with a great menu, panoramic Carroll County country view in the back room, and relaxing experience. For the folks that live a ways out, it’s well worth the drive, as the Maryland Mallet delivers a great dining experience from start to finish, regardless of whether you’re having a crab feast, ordering off the menu, or having a kid-friendly casual dinner.

All told, you can’t go wrong with any of the crab houses and restaurants listed above.  Each has their own specialties, but none will disappoint the demanding crab lover.