Want to learn what it’s like to play like a pro football player in Carroll County, MD?

Annual Event

Play like a Raven is an event that brings football enthusiasts of any level together for a day. Clinic groups are organized based on skill level in order to pair players with people that will require good but fair competition.

Spectators were welcomed as well, the event is for the whole family. Raven’s entertainment included Cheerleaders, free raffles of signed merchandise, and a photo with a Ravens player. Every player leaves with a free under armor “Play like a Raven” shirt as well.


“Play like a Raven” first became a slogan for the Baltimore team before branching off into an annual event. Haloti Ngata, a previous defensive tackle for the Ravens said the phrase means “Playing with some type of cruelty, but not trying to kill somebody. It’s a nastiness where you’re going to impose your will on teams, so that’s we what want to do.”

The hashtag has since become much more than playing with a type of cruelty. To Maryland and Carroll County residents the program is a learning process that sculpts young men and women.

Along with the connections the community can make with the team the camp provided relief to local cities that experienced recent disasters.

Carroll County Appearance

This year McDaniel College in Carroll County had the opportunity to host the first of the four clinics on May 29th. Other locations included Bel Air, Columbia, and Baltimore. McDaniel’s clinic was the only one of the four to be completely sold out. You may wonder if that’s because of the history of the team and Mcdaniels fields.

McDaniel is a special location for the Ravens particularly Flacco. From 1996 to 2011 the Baltimore Ravens used McDaniel College as their training facility until they moved to Owings Mills in 2012.

Flacco was drafted in 2008 and had experienced the days at McDaniel for a few years. While many football players transition from team to team it was special to share the past with Flacco.

“It was funny driving up a little different way but you can see the fields over there, they’re not lined,” Flacco said. “A lot of the guys on the team haven’t … there’s probably five guys left on the team that actually had to practice here year-round. It’s kind of cool.” Flacco stated.

The annual event has grown over the past few years to become one of the largest events Carroll County experiences.

“Football means something to people and I think that’s still a big thing, that’s what you’re most proud of as a player — just being able to show guys how good football can be for you and how much you can develop your life in other ways,” Flacco told Carroll County times.

Play like a Raven in an annual program that you can look out for next May!