The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office has been made aware of a fraudulent call from scammers claiming to be members of our office.

In this instance, the scammer claimed to be an actual member of the Carroll County Sheriff’s Office and advised the complainant had warrants and unpaid citations. The scammer told the complainant to avoid being arrested they should forward money to the Sheriff’s Office. They instructed the complainant to obtain cash from an ATM and buy Money Pak (green cards) and call the scammer back with the account numbers. The complainant complied and the scammer called back and requested addition money. The complainant became suspicious and contacted the Sheriff’s Office who confirmed they were being scammed. The complainant made a report to the Maryland State Police.

The Carroll County Sheriff’s Office will never call to request payment in the place of a warrant or summons. If you receive such a call and are concerned about the possibility of a warrant, please contact our office directly at 410-386-5900. Never attempt to call our office based on a number provided by a potential scammer.