The Carroll County public school board is currently looking into whether they are able to implement a ban of Confederate flags on clothing or accessories. They currently have plans to ask their legal team about the topic. If this were to pass, the image of the Confederate flag would become a violation to the dress code.

There has been a show of support by some community members for the potential ban. In a meeting following the announcement there was support from groups of students, parents, and community leaders for the ban. Jean Lewis, Carroll NAACP President, spoke to the horrors of the flag and the pain it causes.

The Superintendent of Carroll County Public Schools plans to explore his options regarding the matter. Stephen Gutherie stated that he will update the board during their meeting next month.

There are currently about 25,300 students in Carroll County and of those students 21,300 of them are white, the rest of the students are either of a minority or mixed race.