The holiday season is full of lights, happiness and, one of the most iconic sights, holiday trees. The trees are beautiful and the centerpiece of many homes, but must be taken care of to prevent a fire. They dry out quickly and become very susceptible to fires. Over 200 fires occur in this way each year in the US. Take the time to look at the tips below to prevent the chance of any fires!

  • Pick as fresh of a tree as possible! Don’t buy a tree that looks dry or is has needles that break easily.
  • Put that tree in water as soon as possible. The tree will soak up the water and prevent a fire.
  • Keep your tree away from all heat sources and open flames. Be wary of candles, space heaters, and big lights.
  • Only uses lights that have been tested by the UL or ETL/ITSNA. They help to ensure the lights are safe and can be used in the home!
  • Lights off before you go to bed! This will help to ensure your safety through the night.