After an exciting weekend the first ever Surch Prize race is over and the winners have been named! Participants gathered at O’Lordans in downtown Westminster on October 15th, 2017 to meet with the makers of Surch and the other competitors. Steve was happy to announce the following winners:

1st Place – $1000


13 minutes, 20 secondsSurch Westminster Empty Check

2nd Place – $250


17 minutes, 47 seconds

3rd Place – $100

Jon Allen

18 minutes, 30 seconds

Charity Group – $250

Habitat for Humanity of Carroll County

The competitors chatted away about their experience with the inaugural competition. They commended each other for completing the race, figuring out the cryptic clues, and listened as they each recounted their adventures around town. The race took them all over from the clock tower, to Baugher’s, to Westminster High School and everywhere in between. Prize winners or not, everyone was excited to have the chance to participate inthe race and anxious for the next one.

A Taste of the Adventure

The race took competitors all around the VUE Courthouse stepWestminster area. Using the given VUE and different clues they were able to make their way to the next round. Although it was not as easy as you would assume! The VUES were easily accessible public areas as they had promised, but they weren’t dead giveaways! It took some real thought as to what each VUE was and where it could be. Some examples of VUEs include: a wagon wheel at Baugher’s Restaurant, a step at the court house, an engraving at Westminster High School, and various other locations.

VUE Clues for VUE 5Along with the these tough to find VUEs, we had some mind-boggling clues. The clues were able to point us in the right direction, but you had to work for them. Just like the VUEs, the clues were not dead giveaways. They ranged from a single word to references to James Bond and Cee Lo Green. They made for a fun and exciting race!

The Future of Surch!

Surch is a budding game and application that started right here in Carroll County. They have plans to continue growing and expanding. With an upcoming race in Huston, Texas you can bet that they are as busy as ever! So, congratulations to everyone who competed in the first ever Surch Race and good luck in the next one!