Join MAGIC on Wednesday, November 15th from 12pm-2pm for their “Smart Home” ribbon cutting event. This is the start of an amazing collaboration which may potentially shape the future of in-home medical monitoring.

What is a Smart Home?

A Smart Home is “an innovative collaboration combining telemedicine, in-home monitoring and analytics to improve the health outcomes of residents,” as stated by Amy Rupp, the executive director of MAGIC. The homes will house medically fragile adults who require monitoring. The hope of the program is to develop homes which assist in the monitoring of these individuals using state of the art sensors.

These sensors will include environmental and physiological sensors and will monitor the temperature of the room, motions of the patients and their vitals. The data will be stored and compiled to help caregivers discover any issues and treat them preemptively. The long-term goal of this program is to “decrease emergency room visits and decrease unplanned doctor visits for the clients living in the home.”

Where did the idea come from?

The idea for the MAGIC Smart Home Project came from one of their board members. The idea has continued to grow and grow into what it is today. It is now a collaboration by many different local companies, each offering their services and technology for the development of the first two Smart Homes.

MAGIC’s biggest partner in this project is Target Community and Educational Services. They will be managing the two homes and the patients within them as the homes are being created. Some of their other partners include Open Professional Group, Skayl, Ting, and Westminster Security Company. The project has also been made possible by support from the City of Westminster, Hill Development Group, LLC. And the Community Care Challenge grant from Point Breeze Credit Union.

So, come out and join MAGIC for the official opening of their Smart Home Project!