Maryland Mallet Review

Recently, we visited Westminster’s very own seafood restaurant, Maryland Mallet. Located just off Littlestown Pike, Maryland Mallet has an inviting theme inspired by the Maryland flag.

From the time we entered the restaurant until we left, the wait staff was very friendly and checked on us quite often. So ignoring the food, Maryland Mallet was off to a great start with a family-friendly atmosphere and welcoming staff.

Outside Maryland flag inspired seating at Maryland Mallet

Now, let’s talk about the food.

The Starters

As this is a Maryland based seafood restaurant, it seemed fit to order the Chesapeake Bay Fries. This was the perfect start to the meal. The appetizer was loaded with delicious crab meat on top and fries cooked to a nice golden brown color. And when we say loaded, we mean loaded! It was nearly too much to finish and still have room for the meal.

We also tried the Cream of Crab Soup, but were not quite as pleased. While there was an ample amount of crab meat in the soup, it was a little too runny and sweet for our liking.

The Entrees

We ordered three different meals and to say they were amazing would be an understatement.

Crab Cakes with Broccoli and Mac & Cheese

The crab cakes were phenomenal. Each crab cake was generously filled with deliciously cooked crab meat. And what really surprised us was how much more meat than filler there was in this meal. The broccoli was steamed well and when paired with the creamy mac & cheese, our palates were blasted with a vast array of flavor (our mouths are watering just thinking about it).

Golden brown lump crab cake from Maryland Mallet seafood

Smokehouse Cheesesteak

The smokehouse cheesesteak had the most unique taste of our meal. The prime rib had a pleasant smokey taste to it, which, after eating the Chesapeake Bay Fries, shocked our taste buds (in a good way of course). And to add on even more, the onions added a nice crunch to the sub.

Chicken Chesapeake Sandwich

Covered in a scrumptious imperial sauce, the chicken sandwich was filled with a juicy, tender chicken breast cooked to perfection. We ordered the sandwich on rye bread, and will easily go back just for this sandwich. We were split on whether we liked the house-made old bay chips or not.

Everyone Needs to go to Maryland Mallet

If you’re ever in the area and have a craving for great Westminster seafood restaurant, we highly recommend checking out Maryland Mallet. The waitstaff was kind and prompt, never once were our glasses empty. The food was some of the best we have had in awhile. We will 100% be stopping back at Maryland Mallet again for our lunch break to try out the other entrees they have to offer. Will we see you there???