Looking for an exciting adventure this weekend? Join other racers in the first ever Prize Race by SURCH – SURCH Westminster. The race is like nothing you have ever done; it’s a mix of a scavenger hunt, mind-boggling puzzles, prize money, and, most importantly, support of a noble cause. A portion of the profits will go to Habitat for Humanity of Carroll County. So, come on out this weekend and take a shot at SURCH Westminster!

How does it work?

SURCH Westminter AppFirst, you need to download the SURCH App on your phone. Then create your account and begin surching! The prize race has five different VUEs, which are easily accessible public locations. You have to find each of these VUEs and snap a photo to get the next. All the while, you are racing the clock and other participants to see who can finish first and receive the grand prize of $1000. No worries though if you haven’t started the race yet! Each participant is on their own timer once they begin their race, and must complete the race within the race window which ends at 6:00 pm on Sunday, October 15, 2017.

Prize Races have slightly different rules than normal ones. One major difference is that all picture entries are checked by both the GPS embedded within the game itself, and by a member of the SURCH Team. This is to help make sure the game is being played fairly! The other major difference is that not all the VUEs will be given to you for free. After the first VUE, the rest of them will cost you five coins. These coins can cost between $1 and $.50 depending on the pack that you buy. The prize races are meant to help raise money for a cause, so part of the profit will be given to Habitat for Humanity. The SURCH Team says, the easiest way to go about the race is to purchase the $19.99-coin pack and “for less than the price of a movie and popcorn, you can have more fun and possibly win a lot of money”.

A Race for a Cause

Habitat for Humanity Carroll CountySURCH not only gives you the opportunity to explore the beautiful town of Westminster, but it provides the opportunity for you to give back. Steve Lowe, one of the creators of SURCH, was excited to partner with Habitat for Humanity to make this happen. He finds the work that the organization does as “friggin awesome” and is happy that every participant will get the chance to support the cause just by playing and having a great time!

Behind the Scenes

Steve Lowe
SURCH Westminster creator Steve Lowe

SURCH is a fun, fast paced game, although that can’t be said about the making of it. This weekend is the culmination of 21 months of development. There have also been 20 earlier versions of SURCH. Each one needing a revision, or a tweak to make it better. Finally, they have arrived on the current version, the 21st, which Lowe believes they have “found the sweet spot.” Although they have worked hard to make this game as fun as possible they are still open to suggestions on how to improve. So, while you’re enjoying yourself and having a great time put some thought into what would make it a more exciting time for yourself!

Race Time!

Excitement has been building in the weeks leading up to this race! Participants have been waiting anxiously for the race to finally begin and for the first VUE to be released. As we stood on Main Street in Downtown Westminster waiting, we could feel the cool breeze of the beautiful, early, autumn day. Our nervous energy built and built until we thought we couldn’t handle it any longer. Finally, the chiming of the noon bell signaled the start of the race, and we were off! With the VUE in hand and a little help from our clues we then raced to…

Of course, we can’t tell you where we went from there! That would spoil the fun for everyone. What we can tell you is that this race may not be as easy as you may think. The game is full of ups and downs. There are times when you are frustrated, even lost, and other times when you can’t help but break into a wide grin. So, get ready to work through some tough clues and go on an adventure around Westminster! You may even learn a thing or two about this city, rich in history, in the process. Let’s get Surching Westminster!

Website: SURCHWestminster.com