January Gardening in Carroll County

Carroll County, Maryland offers some of the best weather for planting, growing, and harvesting plants. Obviously, some months are better than others; and January isn’t the best month for growing. That said, there are some gardening tasks you can achieve during the month of January.

Know Your Plant Hardiness ZoneMaryland Plant Hardiness Map

First things first, know what hardiness zone you live in. Long time gardeners here in Carroll County, MD know we’re split between grow zone 6b and 7a. If you go out in search of plants to grow for your yard it’s important to know which zone you are in. So as long as the plant that you’re looking for falls into either of these hardiness zones you are good to go! You can see the full map of Maryland by clicking on the map┬áto the right.


Create a Garden Design

If you’d like to try your hand at planting a new garden this year, or maybe you want to try different plants than you have in the past, take some time in January to draw up a garden plan. If you’re not sure where to start, think about what types of vegetables you eat and flowers you enjoy. Look at your notes from last year to see what plants you worked well with. Ultimately, if you’re not even sure where to start, we suggest taking to Pinterest to get some inspiration.

Tend to Houseplants

Houseplants get the most care during the Winter months, and for good reason. While they may be confined to the sheltered indoors, this doesn’t mean they’re out of harms way. Ensure you’re rotating your houseplants to give them even sunlight. In addition, check you’ve placed houseplants in areas which don’t have a cold draft which could hurt them. Lastly, water and feed your plants with organic fertilizers.

Keep up with CompostWinter Compost Pile in Carroll County Garden

During the winter months, one gardening activity you can keep up with that will help you out in the springtime will be composting. Continue to add compostable materials to a small, sealable container, and walk it out to your compost pile whenever it is full. This will help keep it so you’re not running through the cold every time you want to discard your used coffee grounds or empty eggshells.

Order Seeds

Seeds can be ordered at any time, and if you do it now (a little ahead of time) you’ll be sure you have all the seeds you desire in time for when planting season arrives. If you’re not sure when you may need to begin sowing seeds, in Carroll County, MD we can begin planting as early as February with cabbages and other cold-hardy crops.

With these quick January gardening tips for Carroll County, you’ll be sure to get your gardening for the year off on the right foot.