Looking for ways you can recycle your Christmas tree this year? You can give your holiday tree a second life in a multitude of free and environmentally-friendly ways. Here are some ideas to get you started.

Christmas Tree Mulch

The Carroll County Department of Public Works takes in trees after the holidays to turn them into mulch or chips to be used in garden beds. This mulch will help your local city or municipality in Carroll County, MD cut down on the costs of purchasing bulk mulch from a local supply yard as well as the cost of labor to maintain beds. Mulch helps to reduce soil erosion, prevent weeds from growing, and conserve water in landscaping.

Compost your Tree

If you have a compost pile, or want to start one, your holiday tree could be the perfect place to start. Simply remove all inorganic matter from your tree, chop it up into smaller pieces as best you can, and let it begin the process of decomposing. This option won’t work for everyone, but if you have the land then it is certainly a viable option for recycling your holiday tree in Carroll County, MD.

Leave it Out for the Birds

Animals of all kinds will help you to recycle your tree this winter season. Birds in particular will appreciate the tightly woven branches of your spent fir, spruce, or pine tree because it provides a much-needed safe-haven from predators. In fact, if you have a bird feeder or heated bird bath in your yard, put your spent Christmas tree next to these features.

Bonfire Starter Tree

It’s not the most environmentally-friendly approach to recycling a Christmas tree, but at least it isn’t filling up the landfill. Not to mention, it’s certainly a lot of fun to kick off your spring bonfires with your dried out tree from the holidays. Just be careful, dried out pines, firs, and spruces go up in flames very quickly.

There are plenty more ways you can recycle a Christmas tree this holiday season, so let this quick list inspire your creativity.