Cygnus Wine Cellars will be closing its doors after 20 years of wine making in Manchester, MD. The doors will officially close for good on December 30th, 2016 and merchandise will be available for purchase up until that date.

The wine cellar itself was created in the old Dutterrer’s slaughter house on Main Street in downtown Manchester, MD. This actually made Cygnus Wine Cellars the first winery in Carroll County that was built in a town. In fact, it was the first winery in Maryland to tackle this feat! The building was rehabbed and in 1996 the wine-making process began. In 1998, Cygnus Wine Cellars opened its doors for the first time for retail sales.

Cygnus Wine Cellar was founded by Ray Brasfield after he retired as an aerospace engineer in 1996. The name “Cygnus” actually comes from Brasfield’s line of work as Cygnus is also the name of a constellation which is more commonly referred to as the Northern Cross, or the swan.

For more information on Cygnus Wine Cellars, or to see what types of retail they still have in stock, get in touch with Cygnus Wine Cellars directly today at 410 374 6395 or visit their website here: